Why WordPress is the Best Platform for Student Blogging? 5 Amazing Reasons

Blogging has become a very popular way of publishing and sharing information on the internet, especially for students who are just starting to establish their online presence and branding, either for business or for personal reasons. There are many ways for bloggers to create their content and publish it online. But the easiest way to do it is via WordPress. This free and open-source content management system offers its users a selection of plugins and templates that they can use for free to create their own blog. Apart from it being free to use, here are five other reasons why WordPress is perfect for student bloggers.

Easy to Get Started with WordPress

WordPress has everything that a blogger needs when it comes to creating a new domain and publishing a new blog. For newbies who are not very familiar about how the WordPress system works, a number of tutorials are also available on their website. But, even without the tutorial, WordPress’ platform is very straightforward and easy to use. With just a few clicks, you can create your own website and publish your very first content.

Contain Many Themes

With free themes available, WordPress is definitely a good option for beginners. With hundreds of themes to choose from, it is easy for you to try each of them and switch from one theme to another anytime, until you find what you prefer to use. Apart from choosing from their available templates, you can also apply your web programming skills and customize the setup of your blog, depending on what suits your taste.

Offers Multiple Plugins

One of the great features of WordPress is that it provides you the opportunity to make use of widgets to customize and personalize the use of your sidebars and footers. You can make use of these sections to highlight important information about you, your blog or other important content that you’d like to share with your readers. On these sections, you can allow your readers to comment and you can interact further with them.

Good Responsive Platforms

WordPress has also made it easier for website designers and bloggers to create a responsive design. This means that no matter where your followers may decide to view your website, your website’s dimensions will automatically adjust to whatever orientation a user decides to use. Most users prefer to view websites on tablets or smartphones, so it’s essential that you make your website responsive. This helps give your followers a better and smoother experience in visiting your blog.

Easy to Export

If you ever decide to publish elsewhere or just collect all your published content to a different storage, exporting from WordPress is easy to do. As one of the available site tools, WordPress provides you the option to export content from your site and download an XML containing all content you have ever published on your domain.

Creating your own blog is definitely a good way to feature your skills in blogging and website creation. If you are thinking about using your blog as your portfolio or just a channel to express yourself and share your knowledge about a certain topic, then WordPress is definitely the perfect platform to use. It’s the perfect way to create a reputation if you ever decide to create a name for yourself as an online professional during or after college.

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