WordPress CMS and Digital Signage: A Success Story All Restaurateurs Want To Write

Are you on the digital signage bandwagon yet? If not, you are missing out on big bucks. Almost 80% of all US businesses are expected to be a part of the digital signage movement by the end of 2020. Digital marketing experts are already expecting the out of home advertising marketing to reach a whopping 32.84 billion USD by the end of 2023.

Many entrepreneurs are already wondering about the relevant software and best CMS platforms; they need to run these signage systems. Apparently, all you need is a reliable CMS platform like WordPress to curate and supply content to the remote LED screens. The digital signage software business is going to reach a sweet 10 billion dollars by the end of 2023 as the company itself hits an all-time high.

Why are restaurants going gaga over digital signage?

Don’t you get it? Having one digital TV board menu means goodbye to annoying paper prints, proofreading hours, wastage of money on error prints and no more chalkboard art! Digital signage is durable, yet flexible. This is the perfect combination all restaurateurs need right now.

You can be the owner of a KFC outlet, or you may have your organic food joint that caters to a niche crowd; a little smart publicity cannot harm your business. In fact, 90% of all organizations now have a digital display plan in action. Of the 80% of the customers who have admitted to seeing digital signboards in the past one month, also report 70% increased chances of buying the advertised items. This is like hitting the jackpot for restaurants, who are trying to reinvent themselves.

The Food and Drug Association or FDA is demanding restaurants to display the nutritional values of the dishes they serve. Now that can be difficult if you are using a printed menu or a handwritten chalkboard menu. In fact, it can be next to impossible, if you have a rotational menu like most pop-ups and experimental food joints. Having control on your digital menu boards can help you include all the nutritional information by sourcing it directly from different corners of the internet. Meeting FDA standards are critical for many businesses, and narrowcasting just makes it a little bit easier.

Investing in digital signs is much cheaper than investing in print and paper ads. Forget effigies and annoying hoardings that go out of fashion each week. Now, you have access to an evergreen system which you can control remotely. You can sit back home in your jammies with your cereal bowl in one hand and mobile phone in another to change the contents of your LED display each day. It does not take extra money from printing jobs. It does not take as much effort. You can change whatever you want, during any time of the day.

What is the advantage of WordPress as a CMS for digital displays?

WordPress gives an added layer of security to all display content. We remember how embarrassing it was when hackers displayed adult content on a restaurant LED digital menu board. Although that was not WordPress CMS based, WordPress has tightened the security checks ever since then. There are multi-layer authorization steps which only allow specific employees and the owners to access the database.

The biggest advantage you can enjoy the marriage of digital signage and WordPress is the latest surge in digital signage plugins. They have everything you can need to create content, edit content, maintain a content database, curate a content database, integrate your CMS with your e-commerce software for placing orders and much more. Your LED sign installation process might need professionals, but installing the plugins to manage your content is a complete DIY task.

You can explore many templates for your display. This will give you chance to explore your creative side while showcasing the best features of your business. Since LED screens are widely applicable almost everywhere starting from train stations to subway stations, you can choose a variety of themes and templates to attract the attention of the relevant crowds to your message. Most restaurant businesses usually play safe with a combination of a lot of fresh colors and motifs in the backdrop. You can also choose active videos and textured backgrounds to stand out.

WordPress gives the chance to embed content. You do not have to depend on texts and images anymore. You can directly embed content from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. You can even use the user-generated content. WordPress opens the doors of the first ever “live” casting of Facebook videos or Instagram stories on LED digital displays. You can include cooking contests, easy recipes or the story of your establishment to touch the hearts of millions of viewers across the state.

The animations that WP offers for digital signage are impeccable. This includes the transition between schedules. You can pick specific time periods to narrowcast particular content on your screen. In fact, you can also make some extra cash on the side by casting a non-competitive business on your LED screen. The concept is quite simple. Another company needs the medium, and you can give it to them for hire for a certain amount per hour!

Running a restaurant business is more than just the profit. It is about the love of food, and people need to understand that. If you have an idea, there is no better way to express it than choosing a digital signage system. The initial cost of installation may seem a bit steep, but that is a one-time investment. You can handle the editing and maintenance all on your own. Most plugins simply use a drag and drop formula that even your kid can complete if you have your hands full cooking some new winter special.

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