WordPress Plugins for Driving More Traffic

WordPress Plugins for More Traffic

WordPress Web Development Plugins That Will Help Your Site Get More Traffic

WordPress plugins add great functionality to your WordPress websites. Many people don’t realize how much value they add. There are over 40 thousand plugins on WordPress.org including many premium plugins everywhere else and this makes choosing plugins a herculean task.

The various plugins help you transform your WordPress web development site into a formidable one in terms of ranking, earnings, subscription, etc.


Do you want to get more traffic to your WordPress website?

Several WordPress plugins can help boost traffic and user engagement on your website:

1. Social Media Slider

Social Media Slider

Let users share your content on social media platforms.

Social media sliders like Sharebar are becoming more popular with WordPress users for obvious reasons. With such plugins, readers can conveniently share your content on their preferred social media platform without leaving your site.

When content is shared in this manner, it becomes easier for your content to be seen by more people. One successful enterprise web development company recorded success with this method and it has become more popular.


2. Google Analytics WD

Google Analytics WD

See your Google Analytics stats inside WordPress.

Google Analytics is the final word when it comes to monitoring and tracking the traffic to your site. It offers you’re the ability to see advanced metrics and reports on the pages of your site are doing well, and those that are not.

Google Analytics WD is the essential plugin for WordPress users because it brings all this relevant information right into your administration panel, and adds functionality specific to WordPress, which may include gaining reports based on users, posts or tags. This plugin offers you a complete picture of recent traffic.


3. All-in-One SEO Pack

All In One SEO Pack

Optimize WordPress posts/pages for search engines.

The aim of this plugin is to help you generate more traffic by making your WordPress website show up better in search engine results. Once installed, this plugin automatically creates search engine friendly META tags, reformats URLs and gets the best results from search engines.

With this All-one-SEO Pack, you will be able to avoid duplicate content issues which can really hurt your SEO ranking and also override any title tags, set META description and any META keywords you want. Thus, you will get more search engine targeted keyword information for the search-engine spiders to index your site and higher rankings in the search engine results pages.

High rankings increase your likelihood of your site being found at the top of the search-engine results pages.

As a beginner, you do not necessarily have to look at the options, all you need to do is to install and activate the plugin, and you are good to go! Advanced users can fine-tune the whole plugin for search engine optimization.

The All-in-one SEO pack is definitely an out-of-the-box plugin for your WordPress powered site.


4. OptinMonster


Create opt-in popups for your WordPress website.

OptinMonster performs an all-important and unique function in WordPress Web Development. It allows visitors to websites to be transformed into email subscribers.

Statistics show that in spite of the many daily hits, many visitors to a site do not return; over 70% of them are onetime visitors. Meaning the visitors barely take the necessary action the site owner expected.

This is where OptinMonster plugin steps in to save the day.

It allows you to track user’s behavior and send them a targeted message just when they’re about to leave the site, to convert the visitors into email subscribers. Those who subscribe to your e-mail newsletter list are more likely to return and become regular proponents of your product.


5. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

Optimize WordPress for higher search engine rankings.

This plugin is an alternative to the All-in-One SEO Pack. It is embedded with an extensive collection of search engine optimization tools. Yoast allows the user to add META tags, breadcrumb navigation and XML sitemap. It also optimizes websites for social media pages. With Yoast, you can see how SEO-friendly your page content would be even before it is added to the site so that you can tweak it before it is published.

The tools available on Yoast tools make it a veritable tool for tightening up content and generating the most natural search engine traffic for your site.


6. Google Sitemap Generator

Google Sitemap Generator

Generate XML sitemaps in WordPress for Google, Bing, Ask.com and more.

This plugin has one major function: it adds special XML sitemaps which enables your entire site structure to be easily read and indexed by search engine crawlers. The site then becomes easily visible on premium search engines like Google, Bing, Ask.com, Yahoo, etc.

With this plugin, you can exclude the URLS that you do not want the search engines to index.

Setting up Google Sitemap Generator is plug-and-play operation. All you need to do is to activate the plugin and you are done!

The search engines will quickly be notified whenever you have new content to share and its location.


7. Revive Old Post

Revive Old Post

Revive old posts by automatically posting to Twitter.

The importance of having a social media page for your business cannot be over-emphasized. This plugin assumes that you have an active social media page.

As name implies, this plugin allows older social media posts regarding your website to be revived. It keeps your older posts active on social media so that more people can read about your website and its content. This will certainly ensure that your content lasts longer and gets more exposure and ultimately translate into increased business traffic for your site. You can also set this plugin to re-post some posts automatically.


8. Popup Domination

Popup Domination

Create catchy popups for your WordPress website.

Popup Domination is a plugin that has helped users increase website traffic by over 400%. As people log on to your site, a simple lightbox solution pops up. It is eye-catching without being terribly obnoxious, and when set, it can guide your visitor in performing a number of simple actions. For example, you can use this plugin to get them to sign up for an email newsletter.

This plugin is not free; it costs about $50.


9. Websitez Mobile Optimization

Websitez Mobile Optimization

Optimize WordPress for all devices.

It is a known fact that users prefer surfing the internet on their mobile devices than on desktops. A site not optimized for mobile devices will have a clunky and an unmanageable navigation experience. Users may have no choice but to avoid them.

Hence, every serious web development company has taken advantage of the opportunity to create mobile-optimized versions of their site. If for any reason you feel left behind, you do not have to worry.

For just $50, you can easily and swiftly format a mobile-optimized and user-friendly version of your website with the Websitez Mobile Optimization plugin.


10. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache

Caching for WordPress including page cache, browser cache, database cache and more.

Users value speed. They want to be able to spend less time doing a lot on your site. When a site takes too much time to load, it consumes battery and data and this, of course, it not good for your site. It may drive people to your competition. W3 Total Cache Plugin will help you.

By adding browser, page, object, and database caching, W3 Total Cache will improve the speed and user experience of your site which will increase your search engine rankings.

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