How to Access and Configure Email Account

You can easily access and configure email account on our cPanel hosting.

Configure Email Account

Access Webmail

You can access your email accounts online in the Webmail interface where you have a full-featured interface to receive, read, organize and send emails as you need to. To access the webmail interface, go to your domain and add /webmail/ to the URL, e.g., where is replaced with your own domain name.

Configure Email Client

Configure Mail Client

To configure your email account in your email client, such as iOS, macOS Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook, eM Client you can obtain an email client configuration file/script online in the webmail interface or you can get the manual email settings in there as well to configure your email client manually.

Simply click on the email address in the top, right-hand corder once you are logged into the webmail interface and from the drop down menu select “Configure Mail Client” which will take you to a new page where the auto configuration scripts and email settings are.

Configuration Scripts

Video of How to Configure Email Account

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