Enable SSL

You can enable SSL and use https:// on your hosting account with us.

Installing an SSL Certificate

We provide free, auto SSL with all our hosting accounts so you don’t need to install a certificate.

The auto SSL is maintained and renewed for you automatically so no action is needed.

If you want to install your own SSL certificate, you can do so in your cPanel.

Enabling SSL

Depending on whether or not you are running WordPress on your hosting, use these instructions:

Enable SSL in WordPress

For WordPress, you can install our free One Click SSL plugin and just enable SSL that way. See the Enable SSL in WordPress blog post with instructions.

There are other methods and other WordPress plugins to enable SSL with but this is the recommended and easiest way.

Enable SSL on other systems

For any other software or systems running on your hosting account, you can enable SSL with a .htaccess file.

Go to your hosting’s public_html folder via FTP or the File Manager inside cPanel. If there is a .htaccess file, edit it. If there isn’t one, create a new file named .htaccess. Put the following code at the top of your .htaccess file to activate SSL redirect (change yourdomain.com to your own domain name):

Redirect All Traffic

Redirect a Specific Domain

Redirect a Specific Folder

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