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Conflict between Dynamic Content Gallery and Tribulant Software or third party plugins.

For those of you out there that use the Dynamic Content Gallery plugin, you will most likely experience a plugin conflict at some point. Upon activation of another plugin (Tribulant or other) you will see that the image slider on the Front-End (user side) of the site will be broken – black screen with a never ending load bar.

The Issue:

The conflict described above is down to one thing, the Dynamic Content Gallery plugin uses MooTools by default.

MooTools isn’t intend to run on WordPress as it is prone to conflict with jQuery if both are running at the same time. The fact that jQuery is shipped/included with WordPress indicates that MooTools is not supposed to be used due to reasons like this.

The Solution:

Quick and easy fix for this. The Dynamic Content Gallery plugin has a setting where you specify to run MooTools (default) or if you would prefer to use jQuery.

If you go to Settings > Dynamic Content Gallery and click on the Javascript Options tab you should see jQuey option like indicated in the screenshot below.

click to enlarge

After selecting jQuery, save your changes and then you can return to the front of your site and the black screen with the load bar should be fixed.

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