Theme Conflict: Striking by Kaptinlin

The Striking Theme by Kaptinlin is causing a minor issue with the our premium plugins layout

Plugin Affected:  All our plugins and 3rd party plugins
Conflicting Theme: Striking by Kaptinlin
Summary of Issue: Theme applying wpautop() function to the_content and loading custom jQuery UI tabs which conflicts when jquery-ui-tabs handle is used.

The Problem

1. wpautop() on the_content filter

The Strinking Theme by Kaptinlin is filtering the_content and applying the wpautop() function to it. Completely messes up the layout of pre-defined styles.

2. Loading jQuery UI tabs custom

The Striking theme loads it’s own jQuery UI tabs script. WordPress already has a wp_enqueue_script handle for this… so it conflicts when tabs are loaded correctly using the WordPress wp_enqueue_script with jquery-ui-tabs handle.


The Solution

Here are solutions to these two problems mentioned above:

1. Remove the wpautop() on the_content filter

In the wp-content/themes/striking/framework/shortcodes/typography.php file.

Remove the wptexturize() and wpautop() functions wrapping the $piece variable as shown in the screenshot above. In the screenshot you’ll see that the line was just commented out and that a new line was created to make $new_content .= $piece. That solves the paragraph issue.

2. Rename the handle of the custom jQuery UI tabs

In the wp-content/themes/striking/framework/functions/head.php file.

The jquery-tools-tabs handle must be changed to jquery-ui-tabs so that if someone enqueues WordPress jQuery UI tabs using the jquery-ui-tabs handle, this wp_enqueue_script from the Striking theme will not load the tabs a second time. That will solve the tabs conflict.

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