Theme Conflict: Storefront Edge

The Storefront Edge theme by Storefront Themes doesn’t use WordPress conventions and we do not recommend this theme as it causes problems.

Plugin Affected: All our plugins and 3rd party plugins.
Conflicting Theme: Storefront Edge by Storefront Themes.
Summary of Issue: Does not follow WordPress conventions.

The Problems

1. Doesn’t enqueue scripts: . header.php

2. Doesn’t use jQuery ready handler: . header.php

3. Doesn’t enqueue styles:

4. jQuery object is accessed before wp_head? . header.php

5. Dollar ($) object is used instead of jQuery object: . header.php

6. jQuery external resource is being used… the jQuery distributed with WordPress inside wp-includes/js should be used. . header.php

7. Doesn’t use jQuery ready handler in the footer for Cufon: . footer.php

8. ‘title’ is not defined: . In /js/jquery.nivo.slider.js

9. Uses dollar ($) object instead of the jQuery object as it is supposed to be: . In /js/sft-fancycart.js

10. Uses dollar ($) object instead of the jQuery object: . In /includes/js/navslide.js

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