Newsletters – WooCommerce Subscribers 1.7 Release Notes

Release notes for version 1.7 of the WordPress Newsletter Plugin : WooCommerce Subscribers extension plugin. Fixed Private mailing lists were being displayed to the end user. Now it only shows the public mailing lists.

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Newsletters – Gravity Forms Subscribers 1.7 release notes

WordPress Newsletter plugin – Gravity Forms Subscribers version 1.7 release notes. Fixed PHP 8.0 compatibility.

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Newsletters – Embedded Images 1.7 Release Notes

WordPress Newsletter plugin: Embedded Images v1.7 release notes. Fixed PHP 8.0 activation error.

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Advanced Coupons 1.7 release notes

WordPress Shopping Cart plugin: Advanced Coupons version 1.7 release notes. Added Added Subtotal Range option and functionality. Set it up in Checkout > Discount Coupons. Improved Compatibility with our other plugins. Fixed Coupon not showing (particularly for free shipping) when cart total price is 0. Now it does. check_update() causing “Uncaught error” and “Creating default Continue Reading…

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Slideshow Gallery plugin 1.7 Release Notes

Slideshow Gallery plugin 1.7 release notes. Fixed Error Handler. Undefined $_SERVER variable indexes, while executing WP Cron. PHP Errors and Notices Fixes for current and future versions of PHP.

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