Newsletters: Action – wpml_subscriber_saved

Description wpml_subscriber_saved action hook is fired when a subscriber is saved (created or updated). Arguments $subscriber_id (ID of the subscriber that was saved). $data (The data Array used to save the subscriber). Example

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Newsletters: Action – wpml_field_saved

Description wpml_field_saved is fired after a custom field has been saved. Arguments $field_id (ID of the field which was saved), $data (an Array of data for the saved field) Example Below is an example of how to use the wpml_field_saved action hook.

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Checkout: Action Reference

The WordPress Shopping Cart plugin will fire actions throughout it’s code and you can hook onto these actions while receiving parameters and execute your own functions accordingly. It works exactly like the WordPress Plugin API/Action Reference by using the do_action() function in it’s code and the action hooks are used in the same manner. More and Continue Reading…

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Checkout: Codex

WordPress Shopping Cart plugin Codex.

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