Newsletters – MemberPress Subscribers 1.1 Release Notes

WordPress Newsletter plugin – MemberPress Subscribers version 1.1 release notes. Improved PHP 8.2 compatibility. Fixed Incorrect updater class ID was causing the plugin to prompt to update to another plugin. You may have to manually update to this version by downloading it from your Tribulant account. Then, clear transients or wait up to 24 hours.

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Newsletters – Google Analytics 1.5 Release Notes

WordPress Newsletter plugin : Google Analytics 1.5 release notes. Added New UTM parameters for custom campaigns: utm_id, utm_source_platform, utm_creative_format, utm_marketing_tactic.

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Newsletters – Google Analytics 1.4 Release Notes

WordPress Newsletter plugin : Google Analytics 1.4 release notes. Added Google Analytics 4 support. Fixed Adding Tracking Code without setting campaign details caused draft not saved error.

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Newsletters – Gravity Forms Subscribers 1.8 release notes

WordPress Newsletter plugin – Gravity Forms Subscribers version 1.8 release notes. Fixed Autocheck was not working when wrapping it in a condition. PHP 8.1 compatibility. Other bugs.

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Newsletters – WooCommerce Subscribers 1.7 Release Notes

Release notes for version 1.7 of the WordPress Newsletter Plugin : WooCommerce Subscribers extension plugin. Fixed Private mailing lists were being displayed to the end user. Now it only shows the public mailing lists.

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