Categories On the Front

On the front-end of your WordPress website, you can easily display shop categories for users to view and browse through.

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Delete Categories

When you remove a shop category, the database record will be permanently removed and cannot be retrieved at a later stage. Additionally, all associations will be recursively removed as well. For example, if you remove a category, all the products within that category will be removed and so will all the associations (files, images, etc…) Continue Reading…

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Categories Admin Functions

In your WordPress dashboard, under the “Categories” section of the “Checkout” tab, you have the ability to manage all your online shop categories. You can add, edit and remove categories as needed.

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Save a Category

In the “Categories” section of the plugin, you can create a new shop category by clicking on the “add new” link or alternatively, you may edit an existing shop category in the database.

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Save a Feed

You can create new unlimited, new podcast feeds and edit your existent ones according to your needs. Each feed consists of a title, description and categories selection. The title, sanitized (allowing only alphanumeric characters and converting to lowercase) will be used as the “feed” parameter of the unique feed URL. The description will be inserted Continue Reading…

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WordPress Plugins

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