PayPal Express Checkout Release Notes

[wpdocsparentlink] WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin: PayPal Express Checkout release notes. [wpdocschildren]

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Guest Checkout 1.1 Release Notes

[wpdocsparentlink] WordPress Shopping Cart plugin: Guest Checkout 1.1 release notes. Added “Settings” link under Plugins and Checkout > Extensions Languages/translation support Setting to allow customers to choose between register/login/guest Force register/login for digital products with downloads Automatic updates/upgrades in WordPress Improved Check if wpCheckoutPlugin exists before initializing Move activation hook into the core

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Guest Checkout Release Notes

[wpdocsparentlink] WordPress Shopping Cart plugin: Guest Checkout release notes. [wpdocschildren]

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Newsletters: Unsubscribe Behaviour

[wpdocsparentlink] Newsletters > Configuration > Subscribers > Unsubscribe behaviour 1. Unsubscribe on user deletion Set the setting to yes if the subscriber must be unsubscribed when the user with the email address is deleted. 2. Resubscribe Link Select this checkbox if you want to show a resubscribe link on unsubscribe 3. Resubscribe Link Text This text displays the link text of the Continue Reading…

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Newsletters Config: API

[wpdocsparentlink] Newletters > Configuration > API API The JSON API is a direct bridge and communication channel between any code or application and the Newsletter plugin itself, including it’s database.

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