Advanced Coupons 1.2.2

 Advanced Coupons 1.2.2 release notes. Fixed Free Ship Coupon not working Coupons not saving Total Range not working correct

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Advanced Coupons 1.2.1

 Advanced Coupons 1.2.1 release notes. Fixed Quantity tiers discount always applying, disregarding tiers

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Advanced Coupons 1.2

 Advanced Coupons 1.2 release notes. Fixed Issue with products include/exclude text input width Quantity tiers not working Coupon codes don’t want to save Exclude products still actually included in total for discount Free shipping not only applied to products included, applied to the whole cart.

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Advanced Coupons 1.1

Advanced Coupons 1.1 release notes. Added Percentage discount for quantity based tiers Improved Select2 script for products include/exclude Discount calculating on handling/surcharge as well Fixed Percentage discount for quantity based tiers States selection ineffective under target markets

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Checkout: Advanced Coupons Release Notes

WordPress Shopping Cart plugin: Advanced Coupons release notes.

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