Slideshow: Usage

WordPress Slideshow Gallery plugin Usage & Integration [wpdocschildren]

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Newsletters: Formidable Subscribers extension

[wpdocsparentlink] WordPress Newsletter plugin : Formidable Subscribers Requirements The Formidable Subscribers extension plugin has the following requirements: WordPress Newsletter plugin Formidable Forms plugin Installation 1. Make sure that you have the WordPress Newsletter plugin installed and that you have purchased the Formidable Subscribers extension. 2. Download Formidable Subscribers extension from the downloads management section in a ZIP archive (you may Continue Reading…

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WHOIS: cForms Integration

[wpdocsparentlink] You can integrate the WordPress cForms plugin with our WordPress WHOIS plugin for easy flow of domain registrations. When a user searches for a domain which is Available (not registered), it will redirect to a cForms custom form on your site and pre-fill or auto-fill the domain name that was searched for. Integration Requirements Continue Reading…

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Custom Fields: Usage

[wpdocsparentlink] WordPress Custom Fields plugin usage and integration. [wpdocschildren]

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WordPress Newsletter plugin: Usage

[wpdocsparentlink] WordPress Newsletter plugin usage. [wpdocschildren post_id=1211]

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Beautiful Newsletter Templates

Professional newsletter templates that are fully responsive for desktop, tablet and mobile. They are 100% cross-client compatible.

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