Checkout: iPay88 Release Notes

WordPress Shopping Cart plugin: iPay 88 extension plugin release notes.

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iPay 88 v1.1 release notes

WordPress Shopping Cart plugin: iPay 88 extension plugin v1.1 release notes. Added Automatic updates/upgrades for future releases Implement signature for security Improved Change out get_bloginfo() to their relevant functions Compatibility with Guest Checkout extension plugin

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Checkout: iPay88

WordPress Shopping Cart plugin: iPay88 Requirements The iPay88 extension plugin has the following requirements: WordPress Shopping Cart plugin. iPay88 account. Installation 1. Make sure that you have the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin installed and that you have purchased the iPay88 extension. 2. Download iPay88 extension from the downloads management section in a ZIP archive (you may need to login Continue Reading…

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Checkout: iPay88 Payment Gateway

In order to use the iPay88 payment gateway with the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin you need to purchase, install and configure the iPay88 payment gateway extension plugin to add this functionality. View the installation and set-up instructions in our Docs.

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