Newsletters – Facebook App Subscribe Form

[wpdocsparentlink] Put a WordPress Newsletter plugin subscribe form in your Facebook Page using a Facebook App. Go to to setup an app. [youtube width=”620″ height=”480″][/youtube]

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Newsletters 4.1.2 Release Notes

[wpdocsparentlink] WordPress Newsletter plugin 4.1.2 release notes. Improved New envelope icon image using Dashicons. Removed PHP warnings/notices like split(). Unify debugging setting throughout Tribulant plugins. Fixed “Fields Conditions” checkbox prevent emails from queuing. Scheduled newsletters are not queued due to error. Subscriber count when creating newsletter not including users count.

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Newsletters 4.1 Release Notes

[wpdocsparentlink] WordPress Newsletter plugin 4.1 release notes Added Added WordPress 3.8 compatibility and design. “Preview” button when viewing history email for quick preview. Equals/contains/smaller/larger query for fields conditions. Send to WordPress users by roles. Custom fields validation rules and regular expressions. Autoresponders “Always Send?” setting to send even if it has. Multiple content areas for Continue Reading…

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Embedded Images 1.2 Release Notes

[wpdocsparentlink] Embedded Images 1.2 Release Notes Added Help tooltips for settings “Settings” links under Plugins and Newsletters > Extensions Improved Path improvements in case folder is renamed Fixed Unique name for each attachment instead of just “attachment” Remove ampersand (&) before $body variable

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Newsletters Subscribers 1.1

[wpdocsparentlink] Newsletters Subscribers 1.1 release notes Added Automatic upgrades/updates in WordPress Fixed Validation issue due to Newsletter plugin custom fields

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