Checkout: Variation Options

Checkout > Variation Options Variation options are children of the product variations. Each product variation under Checkout > Product Variations has one or more variation option(s) which can be either added to the variation on the Checkout > Products > Save a Product screen or under Checkout > Variation Options. For example, if you have Continue Reading…

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Remove Style Option(s)

In order to remove one or more style option(s), go to the “Options” section of the plugin where you will be presented with a table showing all your current style options. To the left of each record (option), you will notice a checkbox. Use these checkboxes to tick off/select the options you would like to Continue Reading…

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Save a Style Option

In your WordPress dashboard, you can either create new style options or change the details of existent style options which you have previously created. In order to create or change style options, go to the “Options” section of the shopping cart plugin.

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Registration Checkbox

With the WordPress Newsletter plugin have the ability to place a subscription checkbox on your WordPress user registration form. When a new user registers at your WordPress website and tick this checkbox, the user will automatically be subscribed upon registration. In order to enable (turn on) this new registration subscribe feature, go to the “Settings” Continue Reading…

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