Newsletter Config: Email Scheduling

[wpdocsparentlink] Newsletters > Configuration > General > Email Scheduling Email Scheduling Basically allows to reduce the massive load of emails by breaking down the queue into small amounts of emails in small intervals. Many people will encounter issues if they don’t use scheduling as their server/host does not provide the resources to send 100+ emails Continue Reading…

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Checkout: Shortcodes

[wpdocsparentlink] The WordPress shopping cart plugin uses the WordPress shortcodes API to display shop categories, suppliers, products and other aspects inside WordPress posts/pages. You can see a full list of WordPress shortcodes for the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin on the Post/Page Embedding instructions here in the documentation in case you want to manually use them. Continue Reading…

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FAQs: Embed a Search Box

[wpdocsparentlink] You can embed a separate WordPress FAQ plugin search box into any WordPress post/page using the shortcode. This search box allows your users to search your FAQs for answers. Parameters menu optional, default = 1 The search box will show a drop down menu of all your FAQ groups. Making this value menu=0 will Continue Reading…

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Checkout: Post/Page Embedding

[wpdocsparentlink] WordPress Shopping Cart plugin: Post/Page Embedding Making use of WordPress shortcodes and filtering the content of posts and pages has proven to make the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin extremely flexible. The plugin supports several different embedding codes of which many are automatically generated throughout the use of the plugin as WordPress posts/pages are created Continue Reading…

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WordPress FAQ : Embed all Groups

[wpdocsparentlink] You can embed an unordered list of all your WordPress FAQ plugin groups into a post/page using the following code below. Please note: This shortcode will only show the groups for which you let the plugin create a WordPress post/page. So when you save your groups, it is recommended that you let the plugin Continue Reading…

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