Shopping Cart

Control the way that your shopping cart functionality works and looks

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User Related Settings

Settings related to users using your online shop.

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General Configuration

General configuration values for your WordPress shopping cart plugin.

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Paid Subscription Settings

In the “Configuration” section of the WordPress Newsletter plugin, there are several configuration settings directly related to the paid subscriptions feature of the software. Paid Subscriptions Paid Subscriptions Currency Admin Notification on Order Payment Method 2Checkout Vendor ID Vendor Secret Demo Mode PayPal PayPal Email Address Test with PayPal Sandbox   Paid Subscriptions The first Continue Reading…

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Display Settings

This is a set of configuration settings allowing you to change the way that the podCast plugin will display your podCast files on the front of the WordPress website. Download Link A direct download link to the media file, allowing users to download the audio/video to their computer.   Embed Code By turning this on, Continue Reading…

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Website & Email Hosting

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