Checkout: Zoom Gallery Release Notes

[wpdocsparentlink] WordPress Shopping Cart plugin: Zoom Gallery release notes. [wpdocschildren]

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Checkout: Guides/Tutorials

[wpdocsparentlink] WordPress Shopping Cart plugin guides/tutorials [wpdocschildren]

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Checkout: Redirect/Hosted Payment Gateway

[wpdocsparentlink] This guide will help you to develop/integrate a redirect/hosted payment gateway into the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin using a 3rd party extension plugin structure. A redirect/hosted payment gateway is a gateway where the customer leaves the merchant’s website with a form with hidden fields or a URL to go through to the gateway’s secure Continue Reading…

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Checkout release notes

[wpdocsparentlink] WordPress Shopping Cart plugin release notes Improved Remove wp_tiny_mce instances Compatibility with new Zoom Gallery extension plugin Fixed Extensions view file rendering issue in

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Advanced Coupons 1.2.1

[wpdocsparentlink] Advanced Coupons 1.2.1 release notes. Fixed Quantity tiers discount always applying, disregarding tiers

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