Remove Style(s)

In your WordPress dashboard, in the “Styles” section of the plugin, you can manage all your styles. You can either quickly remove multiple styles (together with their options) or remove a single style. All styles removed are permanently deleted and cannot be retrieved at a later stage. Additionally, all associations (style options) are removed recursively Continue Reading…

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Styles on the Front

The purpose of product styles is to provide users with choices/options when they order products from you. You, as an administrator, will be able to view the styles option selections users made when they ordered products from you.

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Styles Admin Functions

In the “Styles” section of the plugin, you can manage all your product styles. You can add new styles, change existent styles in the database and remove styles as needed.

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Save Styles

In the “Styles” section of the plugin, you can create new styles and change existent styles.

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