Total MS Control Release Notes 1.4

WordPress Newsletter Plugin: Total MS Control v1.4 release notes. Fixed PHP 8.0 activation error.

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Total MS Control Release Notes 1.3

Newsletters: Total MS Control 1.3 release notes Improved Remove extra plugin row line for updates Show “Network Active” in status column if it is Remove dashicons completely New admin dashboard menu icon WordPress 4.3 check-column checkboxes Fixed Tooltips not showing anymore Global, unlimited serial key shows as invalid Double question mark/help icons in Newsletter plugin

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Newsletters: Total MS Control Release Notes 1.2

Newsletters: Total MS Control 1.2 release notes Improved Help tooltip CSS improvements Network only plugin with “Network Activate” Display on individual sites when using global serial key Fixed Parent plugin_path stuck instead of extension_path property Global serial key issue, not working

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Newsletters: Total MS Control Release Notes 1.1

Total MS Control 1.1 release notes Added Automatic updates/upgrades for future versions New pagination in admin Help tooltips Sortable columns in admin New dashicon menu icon Improved Ensure wpMailPlugin class exists before initializing Dynamic plugin name and path Use single serial key as global serial key for subfolder multi-site Fixed Sites/blogs update asks to renew when Continue Reading…

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Newsletters: Total MS Control

WordPress Newsletter plugin: Total MS Control release notes.

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