Shopping Cart plugin v1.6.1.2 release notes

WordPress Shopping Cart plugin v1.6 release notes. Added LUCY payment gateway. Max/Min values for width and length of “per square unit” pricing. Ability to choose measurement unit per product. Fixed TinyMCE function products didn’t show when category was selected. Problem with images and CSV products import. CSS and JS cannot use WP_PLUGIN_URL because https:// breaks. Continue Reading…

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Shopping Cart plugin v1.6 release notes

WordPress Shopping Cart plugin v1.6 release notes. Added FedEx tracking code for orders. Send comments to customer by editing order. Switch between 2CheckOut single- or multi-page checkout. Setting for images post ID in the configuration. Manage product variations while editing a product. Setting to show variations/fields on the PDF invoice. ‘Payment Fields’ in configuration to Continue Reading…

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Custom Fields v1.2.4 Release Notes

WordPress Custom Fields plugin v1.2.4 release notes. Added Show/hide default WordPress profile fields. Usable get_field_value_by_number function (docs). Caption/description for each custom field. Serial key validation. Fixed Fields filled with admin values when editing user. Field options didn’t repopulate when editing field. Problematic label on the date input field. Countries dates when countries are added the Continue Reading…

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WordPress Banners v2.6 Release Notes

WordPress Banners Rotator plugin v2.6 release notes. Added Ordering/sorting banners within zones. ‘Show All’ link in all sections to show all records if needed. Row action links in all admin sections. User level/permission settings in Configuration. Improved New icon in the plugin. Multiple ads per widget. Sorting options in all sections. Shows ‘Expired’ in the Continue Reading…

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Newsletter plugin v3.8.5 release notes

WordPress Newsletter plugin v3.8.5 release notes. ADDED Show individual emails sent when viewing email history. Show emails sent on History/Draft emails section. Load scripts in the footer. SSL for POP/IMAP bounce for Gmail. shortening and click tracking. Captions/descriptions for custom fields. User level permission setting for each section of the plugin. Latest posts > Continue Reading…

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