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With the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin, the Affiliates Tracking extension and iDevAffiliate tracking software you can promote your products/services through an affiliate program to increase your sales drastically and be more successful with WordPress e-Commerce.

You can click the tracks on your products and also track/record sales/conversions to log commissions for your affiliates promoting your products/services and then do payouts to your affiliates through the iDevAffiliate merchant panel.

Follow these steps to setup the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin with iDevAffiliate using the Affiliates Tracking extension.

Install the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin

Assuming that you have a WordPress website ready and that you don’t have the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin installed and configured. You’ll purchase the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin and follow the installation instructions to install and activate it.

Install the Affiliates Tracking extension

In addition to the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin mentioned in Step 1, you’ll need to install and activate the Affiliates Tracking extension plugin which gives you the ability to configure clicks and sales tracking codes accordingly. You’ll purchase the Affiliates Tracking extension.

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