Banners 3.3.2 Release Notes


WordPress Banner Rotator plugin 3.3.2 release notes.


  • “Settings” link on the Plugins page
  • New plugin icon for menu, button, etc.
  • Log IP address of views/clicks on banner ads
  • Select2 for drop down menus in admin


  • Static textdomain for easier translation
  • The home option is deprecated for the family of bloginfo() functions
  • Warning: Creating default object from empty value
  • Major performance improvements with autoloading classes
  • PHP 7 compatible __construct for class constructors
  • Change code/source database field from TEXT to LONGTEXT
  • New Colorbox design in admin
  • Updated Welcome/About page
  • New CSS classes for banners, divs, etc.
  • Faster Ajax calls with short initialization
  • Improved “Preview” link for ads in admin
  • WordPress 4.3 check-column checkboxes
  • FontAwesome icons throughout the plugin
  • Remove dashicons and fonts completely


  • Call to undefined function split() if not available
  • PHP fatal error on zone shortcode
  • Size + Zone ad creates database error
  • Banners view counts are too high
  • Cannot select zones on banner ad bug

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