Banner Rotator 3.4 Release Notes


WordPress Banner Rotator plugin 3.4 release notes.


  • Support for Google Adsense responsive ad units
  • Set posts/pages for ads to display on
  • Setting to turn off auto rotate per zone and globally


  • Only auto rotate banners when the current window is in focus
  • Improved cache using WordPress object cache
  • Display ordered ads in correct order across page views
  • Updated Select2 with accessibility
  • Notice: admin-functions.php is deprecated since version 2.5.0!
  • Check DOING_AJAX constant when checking is_admin()
  • Move “Banners” admin menu item up
  • Fade banner only after it has finished loading
  • Ajax refresh on HTML/code banner ads


  • Preview link doesn’t work for responsive banner ads
  • TinyMCE dialog broken
  • Statistics still log when turned off
  • Multiple ads in widget showing duplicates

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