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WordPress Banners plugin settings.

Other Actions

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On the Banners > Settings page, at the top-right side of the page you will see a, “Save Settings” box with the “Check/Optimize Database“, “Reset Stats”  and “Reset Settings” links as well as a checkbox for “Turn on debugging” and View and clear log file links  just above the Save Settings button. The tabs below outline what each link does.

1. Check/Optimize Database

Clicking the “Check/Optimize Database” link will check your database and optimize it. Tables can crash quite easily, especially when your server unexpectedly shuts down or crashed, or when you’re forced to copy data around when it’s still being accessed. You can then just click this link and your database will optimize and repair automatic.

2. Reset Stats

Clicking the “Reset Stats” link will reset all views and clicks on banner ads and also clear the stats database completely.

3. Reset Settings

Clicking the “Reset Settings” link will reset all configuration settings to their defaults as if the plugin was just installed and activated. All other data will remain intact, just settings are reset.

4. Turn on debugging

Tick or check the “Turn on debugging” checkbox and then click “Save Settings” to turn on debugging to reveal any possible WordPress database errors and/or PHP warnings/notices/errors. It essentially turns on WordPress show_errors on WPDB and PHP error_reporting.

5. View the log file

Click on the “View the log file” to see all the errors (if any) in the log file. An example:

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6. Clear the log file

Click on the red x to clear the entire error log.

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