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Within each plugin there is a “Suppourt & Help” section. There are three links available for you to click. Online Documentation, Latest News and Updates, and Support Helpdesk.

Online Documentation sends you to the Tribulant site in the ‘Docs’ section where there is a comprehensive library of the products and how to use them.

Latest News and Updates also takes you to the Tribulant site in the ‘News’ section, where we have a very informative list of things that are new to Tribulant.

Lastly, the Support Helpdesk takes you to a link where you will be able to submit questions to our support team about any problems you may experience whilst using our products. These submitted questions are called ‘tickets’ and below is an explanation about tickets and the Helpdesk in general.

1. New Tickets

A Users will need to create a new ticket for each issue. Once a ticket has been created the system will issue a ticket number and email the user that a ticket has been created.

2. Open Tickets

A user can check on the status of their ticket by visiting the support center and entering their Ticket Number and email address.

3. Answered Tickets

Every effort is made to answer tickets within a 24/48 hour turnaround time exclusive of public holidays and weekends. Sometime support may request additional information or suggest a solution to your problem. This may result in a number of replies back and forth between yourself and support. Once an issue is resolved please close your ticket or indicate that Support may close it. Unanswered tickets will be closed after a reasonable time if there is no response back from the User.

4. Closed Tickets

Once a matter is resolved a ticket is closed.

5. Repeat Tickets

Please do no open new tickets for the SAME issue, If you have an open ticket then please upgrade the priority and send support another message under the same ticket Number.

6. Delays

We deal with tickets according to priority. The Higher the prority the higher the matter will be placed in the queue. Unfortunately there are times where we experience high volume rates. This happens quite often when a new version of WordPress is released. While we attempt to deal with issues as quickly as possible, there are sometimes delays and we ask you to be patient in such cases. SOMEONE WILL CONTACT YOU!

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