WordPress Banners v2.6 Release Notes


WordPress Banners Rotator plugin v2.6 release notes.


  • Ordering/sorting banners within zones.
  • ‘Show All’ link in all sections to show all records if needed.
  • Row action links in all admin sections.
  • User level/permission settings in Configuration.


  • New icon in the plugin.
  • Multiple ads per widget.
  • Sorting options in all sections.
  • Shows ‘Expired’ in the Adverts section if an ad has expired.
  • Draggable meta boxes in the Configuration section.
  • “languages” folder for language files.
  • Performance increase by removing transient_update_plugins hook.
  • WordPress 2.9+ styled ‘Add New’ buttons in all sections.


  • Ability to turn On/Off jQuery loading in the Configuration.


  • Fixed the ‘Reset Clicks’ bulk action in Adverts section.
  • Fixed expiry date calendar Javascript and CSS.
  • Javascript error in Appearance > Widgets section fixed.


  • Removed the support forums link from the Support & Help section.
  • Removed overflow CSS attribute from banner DIV.

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