WordPress Banners v2.7 Release Notes


WordPress Banner Rotator plugin v2.7 release notes.


  • Start/begin date for banners.
  • TinyMCE editor button to insert shortcodes.
  • Serial key integration.
  • HTML code for external/remote sites.
  • Flash clickTAG support.
  • Assign banners directly when saving a zone.


  • Eliminated the use of PHP short_open_tag code.
  • More reliable wp-config.php include in Ajax for nested folders.
  • Javascript now loads in the footer of the site.
  • Moved ‘Configuration’ up in the menu.


  • Saving a banner previously reset the clicks to zero.
  • jQuery loading setting in Configuration didn’t work.
  • Broken ‘Get Support’ link in the Overview section.


  • Directory separator DS for Windows/IIS compatibility.
  • Removed old shortcodes, only block bracket shortcodes work now.

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