WordPress Banner Rotator v2.3.7

WordPress Banner Rotator Plugin v2.3.7 Release Notes

  • Show ads, zones and sizes in alphabetized manner in admin.
  • Per page feature which allows the admin to select how many records to show per page.
  • Fixed a JavaScript issue on the check all checkbox feature.
  • Ability to assign a single ad to multiple zones using checkboxes.
  • “Settings” section created for configuration settings.
  • Fixed an issue with DIV ids when using multiple widgets.
  • Rotate ads from a specific size and zone when using a widget or hardcoding.
  • Record count in all sections to show total number of records.
  • Improved redirection upon mass and other actions to go back to the previous page.
  • Ability to search zones in the same way as ads.
  • Target value radio buttons for new ads is set to “New Window” by default.
  • Text box feature allowing you to put a text box below an ad with custom text.
  • Text box presentation settings in the “Settings” section of the plugin.
  • Ability to add and re-assign zones to multiple ads using a mass action.
  • Click-through rate for ads visible in “Ads” section.
  • WordPress Mailing List Plugin integration. Put banner ads into newsletters.
  • Auto refresh feature (its back and improved!)

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