Banner Ads Inside Newsletters

With the WordPress Banner Ads plugin and the WordPress Newsletters plugin used in conjunction, you can easily embed banner ads directly into your newsletters which are sent through to your subscribers.

In order to embed banner ads, you’ll need to use the post/page embedding code strings of the Banner Rotator plugin and place them directly into your newsletter content when writing a newsletter with the mailing list plugin. In each of the section of the Banner Rotator plugin such as “Ads”, “Zones” and “Sizes” a column named “Embed” is shown in the overview which contains the post/page embedding code for that ad, zone or size. These are the strings which you should copy and paste into your newsletters.


Video: WordPress Banner Ads inside Newsletters

I created a step-by-step tutorial video to show you how it is done. Click on the window below to watch the tutorial video in order to get a better perspective on how the procedure works.

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