Banners v3.0 Release Notes


WordPress Banner Rotator plugin v3.0 release notes.


  • Setting for HTTP redirect headers.
  • Prevent banner cache in 3rd party caching plugins.
  • Fade/slide effects for period Ajax refresh/rotate.
  • Duplicate/copy an ad.
  • Offsite HTML code for banners.
  • Set auto rotate/page reload per zone.
  • Settings link on the “Plugins” page in WordPress.
  • Sort/order banners by random/specific/custom per zone.
  • New Banners > Overview section with stats and a chart/graph.
  • WordPress dashboard widget with an over view and chart/graph.
  • Automatic updates/upgrades in WordPress.
  • WordPress roles/permissions integration.


  • HTML classes for banners.
  • Prevent same ads from showing at the same time.
  • Check tables/options only upon installation/activation for performance.
  • New rollover effect for WordPress dashboard menu.
  • Change bloginfo throughout to quicker functions.
  • Replace Thickbox with Colorbox throughout.
  • Replace WP_PLUGIN_URL with plugins_url() everywhere.
  • WordPress multisite blogs.dir compatibility.
  • Integrate sidebar widgets into the WordPress WP_Widget API.


  • RTL is broken in the admin dashboard.
  • Remove pluggable.php include.
  • Max impressions doesn’t work.
  • Ajax refresh loads banners from wrong zones.
  • Order ads for zone “Back to Zones” broken link.

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