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Custom Field> Manage Custom Fields


1. Add New

Click this link to open up the ‘Save a Custom Field’ page. In this page you be able to create your own Custom Field.

2. Search Fields

This search box allows you to search through the Custom Fields you have made. Simply type into the text box any information relating to the field you are looking for, then click the ‘Search Fields’ button. This will bring up all the Custom Fields which have the specified search criteria.

3. Sort

If you want to change the order in which your Custom Fields are displayed to you, click the ‘Order Fields’ button. This will open up a page where you can select how you want your Custom Fields to be organized. By default it is ordered alphabetically. You can drag and drop them in the order you want.


4. Bulk Actions

To carry out the same action, on more than one product, at the same time, you simply have to select the fields you wish to edit. You then choose an action from the Drop Down List “- Bulk Actions -” to be carried out on the selected fields. Then click the apply button to the right of the Drop Down List.

5. Title Check Box

The Check Boxes to the left of the Custom Field title is how you select the field. Simply click the box, a green tick will appear in it, that field has now been selected. The Check Box in the gray column, next to the word ‘Title’ is the “Select All Fields” box.

6. Field Information

The horizontal columns give all the information about a field. The vertical columns divide up the information by heading.

7. Per Page

This is where you select how many fields you want displayed on the page. This is strictly for this page only and does not affect the front end of your site. From the Drop Down List select a number of pages that you would like to be displayed per page.

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