Custom Fields: Manage Countries

Custom Fields>Manage Countries


1. Add New

If you would like to add a new Country to the list, click this link to open up the ‘Save a Country’ page. In this page you will have the ability to create a new country for the list.

2. Search Countries

Type any relevant search criteria in this box to search for the country that you want to view/edit.

3. Bulk Actions

In order to take a specified action on more than one country at a time, you need to first select the countries that you want to edit, you then select an action from the Drop Down ‘ – Bulk Actions – ‘ list, you then click apply. All the selected countries will then have the desired action carried out upon them.

4. Selection Check Box

The check box to the left, is the ‘Select All’ box. All the check boxes beneath this check box are relevant to the country it is next to. In order to select a country/countries, you need to click the check box. When a green tick appears in the box, this means the country has been selected.

5. Country & Information

This table shows a list of countries and their related information. The name of the country first, then a short code relevant to the countries name, then the date which the country was added to the list.

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