FAQs: Configuration > General Configuration

FAQs > Configuration > General Configuration


 Admin Notifications

This is set to “Yes” by default.  If you do not want to receive email notifications of when a new question is posted then set this to “No”.

Admin Email

This is the admin email that notifications of new questions will be sent to. You may specify multiple email recipients, each separated by a comma.

Admin Actions on Front

This is set to “Yes” by default.  This option allows you to Edit and Delete questions from the front end (Questions as they appear on your site in the FAQ page) if you are logged in as an Administrator.  Turn this on to show “Edit” and “Delete” links on the front-end for groups and questions

 Search Context

This is set to “Questions and Answers” by default. This determines whether users can search both the question and answers when they do a search or questions only.

RSS Feed

Select the checkbox if you want to turn RSS feed on.

RSS Number

Insert the number of recent question you want to show in the RSS feed.

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