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The Accordion feature gives a unique look and feel to the WordPress FAQ plugin. It “rolls” or “opens and closes” a question and answer when the user clicks/hovers a question. There must be more than one question in a group to see the effect of this feature. As a question is opened, the current opened question will be closed. Its beautiful!


Sliding Accordion

This is set to “Yes” by default which mean the accordion feature is automatically active on installation of the plugin. If you do not want to use the accordion feature then set this to  “No” to turn it off.

Active Question

When ‘Sliding Accordion‘ above is set to ‘Yes‘, this setting will become available. The question/item will open automatically when this is set. “1“. Enter “0” to leave all closed. Any numeric value is a valid option that can be filled in the text field. So if you want the 10th question to be automatically opened, you’ll fill in “10“.

Sliding Event

The default option is “Mouse Click”. The other option is “Mouse Over”. This effect the event that triggers the opening/closing action.

Scroll to Active Question

Set this setting to yes, if you need the user to be scrolled to the active question.

Scroll Top Offset

How far should the browser scroll from the top of the window.

Collapsible Questions

Enabling this setting allows users to close questions again on a second click. First click expends the accordion feature and second click closes the question again.

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