FAQ plugin v1.4.2 release notes

WordPress FAQ plugin v1.4.2 release notes.


  • Front-end search now searches question number/ID as well.
  • ‘Sections’ box in Configuration section for easier navigation.
  • Email notification to the user who submitted the question.
  • Custom CSS in the Configuration section.
  • Show excerpts of answers in the list when a question has a post/page.
  • Related questions on individual question post/page.
  • Group filter drop down in the Questions section.


  • Individual questions of a deactivated group still showed.
  • Admin links were shown on individual question post/page even if turned Off.
  • Thickbox for media uploader didn’t load in administration.


  • Unapproved question notice will show only unapproved questions when clicked.
  • Database collation on all table fields changed to utf8_general_ci.
  • By default, visitors can ask questions and not just registered users.

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