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You can make theme folders by copying the wp-faqs/views/default/ folder and renaming it to something like wp-faqs/views/my-theme/ or similar and making changes to the template files. You can access the wp-faqs folder via FTP, or File Manager in cPanel, and navigating to public_html/wp-content/plugins/.

If you renamed it to “my-theme”, the “my-theme” folder name will automatically show up there in the Theme Folder dropdown setting (see [1] in the screenshot) to be selected and saved. The plugin reads the wp-faqs/views/ folder to see what custom folders are in there.

Each theme must have a style.css file inside the theme folder with the CSS for the shop. Like wp-faqs/views/my-theme/style.css


Theme Folder

This is a simple down-down which displays any custom folders in the wp-faqs/views/ folder. Select the folder you want to load that style sheet from, you can then make changes to it if needed.


Use Theme Style File

Depending on your selection for [1], you can choose use the style.css file from the selected Theme Folder by choosing YES. Choosing NO will just load the default style.css file from the default theme folder.


Custom CSS

The default is set to “No” when selecting “Yes” a text area will open, which has the current stylesheet loaded into it and you can modify the CSS according to your needs or even clear all the current CSS and write your own. It will affect the styling of the front-end of the FAQ plugin.


CSS Text Box

This text box is only visible if you have select “Yes” for [3]. All the CSS for the theme folder can be seen in this text box and you can make changes to it where needed to alter the front-end appearance of the FAQ plugin.

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