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1. Add New

Clicking this button will take you to ‘Save a Question’ where you can create a new Question. New Questions added will show up on this ‘Manage Questions’ screen after they are added

2. Search Questions

Quickly search the database for Questions by typing a word or phrase and then clicking the ‘Search Questions’ button.

3. Export Questions

With the export option you can export questions to a .csv file. Opening it in a excel spreadsheet.

4. Order Questions

Clicking this ‘Order Questions’ button will take you to a section where you can drag and drop questions in the order in which you would like them to appear in the [wpfaqs] shortcode which shows all questions.

5. Bulk Actions

These bulk actions allow you to select multiple Question records from the table using the checkboxes and then apply a bulk action on the selected records.

The bulk actions currently available are ‘Delete’ which will permanently remove the selected Questions records in the table, ‘Move to Group…’ which will allow you to move the questions to a different group, ‘Set Approved’ which allows you to set the questions selected as approved, ‘Set Unapproved’ which allow you to set the selected questions as unapproved.

6. Show Approved/Unapproved

This drop down menu will allow you to filter between approved or unapproved questions in the table below. Or alternatively you can set it to ‘Show All’ (default) which will show both approved and unapproved questions.

7. FAQ Questions Drop Down Options

This drop down menu will allow you to show the questions belonging to a specific questions group. Or you can choose the ‘All Groups’ (default) to show the questions of all question groups accordingly.

8. Featured Questions

You can now set featured questions by clicking the star icon next to the question. To unfeature it, you can just click the filled star again.

To display featured questions of a group or for any other list of questions, simply include the featured attribute/parameter into the shortcode with value 1 [faqs featured=1].To show non-featured questions, specify the featured attribute/parameter with value 0 [faqs featured=0]. To show both featured and non-featured questions, leave the featured parameter out of the shortcode.

9. Question Actions

For each of the actions like Edit/Delete/Related Questions, just make the action text bold, not the description, just make the action text itself bold like make “Edit” bold, “Delete” bold and “Related Questions” bold.

10. Questions Per Page

Here you can choose how many questions you would like to be displayed per table/page.

11. Sort Questions

By clicking columns with a small arrow will arrange questions according to the column name. “By clicking on this column with small arrow next to date will arrange questions according to date.”

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