FAQ: Save a Group

FAQs > Groups > Save a Group


1. Name

This is the field you will use to type in the desired name for the new group you wish to create. With mqTranslate installed and activated, you will be able to translate this name by adding the name in different languages under the flag tabs.

2. Admin Notification

If you enable this setting, then admin will be notified when a new question is asked for this specific group.

3. Admin Email

This field is only visible if you checked “On” for [2]Admin Notifications‘. In this field you must specify the email address to to send new question notifications to.

4. Search Box

If you would like to include the option of a search box for your users, then this is where you will make this change. Make sure the ‘Yes‘ box is checked if you want to add a search box to the front-end of your site.

5. Show Groups Menu

This field is only visible if you have selected “On” for [4]Search Box‘. If you enable this setting as well, then it will add a drop down menu as a search filter to limit the search within the chosen group.

6. Ask Box

This will include a submission box below the groups box if you choose ‘Yes‘.   This box will allow for users/members to ask questions.

7. Display Response Author

Display the name of the author below the answer.

8. Active Status

If this is set to ‘Active‘ then the group’s questions will be visible in the front-end of the site, setting to ‘Inactive’ obviously removes it from the front of the site.

9. Keywords/Tags

This is where you will type in keywords and tags related to the group you are creating. Separate each point with a comma.

10. Save WordPress Post/Page

If you select ‘Yes‘ here then a post/page will be kept and maintained for this group.

11. Post/Page Title

This option is only visible if you have checked either ‘Post‘ or ‘Page‘ for [9]Save WordPress Post/Page‘. Please type in a title here to name the post or page for the group. With mqTranslate installed and activated, you will be able to translate the post/page title by adding the value in different languages under the flag tabs.

12. Page Parent

This only visible if ‘Page‘ has been selected for number eight. If this is so, then please choose a page parent from the drop-down menu provided.

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