FAQ: Manage Groups

FAQs > Groups


1. Add New

Clicking this button will take you to ‘Save a Group’ where you can create a new Group. New Groups added will show up on this ‘Manage Groups’ screen after they are added.

2. Bulk Actions

These bulk actions allow you to select multiple Group records from the table using the check boxes and then apply a bulk action on the selected records.

The bulk actions currently available are ‘Delete’ which will permanently remove the selected Groups records in the table, ‘Activate‘ which will allow you to activate the Group and ‘Deactivate‘ which allows you to deactivate Groups. Deactivated groups will not be seen by the user on the front end.

3. Per Page

This is a quick way of choosing how many Groups/records to show per page. The drop-down has several values in it to choose from. When the total number of Groups in the database exceeds this per page number chosen, you will notice page numbers appearing above and below the table to the right.

4. Search Groups

Quickly search the database for Groups by typing a word or phrase and then clicking the ‘Search Groups’ button.

5. Group Row Actions

When you hover your mouse over a Group row, action links will appear below it which are applicable to the row over which you are hovering.

The links include ‘Edit’ which allows you to edit the Group, ‘Delete’ which will remove the Delete permanently, ‘View’ which will take you to the Groups > General Questions where you will see a general summary of the group and the questions in that group and ‘Order Sections‘ which will take you to the Questions > Order Question which will allow you to manually changed the order of the questions as they will appear in the list on the front end.

6. Order Groups

On this page, you can change the order in which the FAQ groups are displayed on any page.

Random Order


Select this setting to order the questions in a random order.

Specific Order


Custom Order

Select a custom order in which you want to questions to display. Order it by ID, active status, Name, Created Date and Modified Date.


Simply drag and drop the group boxes into the order you want and it automatically saves after every move you make.

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