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The WordPress FAQ plugin doesn’t have an actual PHP API for hardcoding into a WordPress theme yet but there is a way to hardcode into your theme as needed.

You will use the FAQ plugin shortcodes as listed in the documentation and just put the shortcode as the first parameter of the WordPress do_shortcode(); function in your theme.

<?php echo do_shortcode('
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Does Gmail SMTP have email sending limits?

Yes, Gmail SMTP (smtp.gmail.com) does have email sending limits. It comes down to a limit of 500 emails in a 24 hour interval through the Gmail SMTP server. Please see this answer in the Gmail help for more detailed information.

Is there any limit to the number of lists or subscribers?

The mailing list plugin has no limits to the number of subscribers which you can host. One can import users from the WordPress. One can also manualy input a user subscription. You can gather literally hundreds of thousands of email addresses in your database. There is also no limit to the number of mailing lists which can be created and maintained.

How I can create a wordpress site that fits my needs. Basically I am selling an online class which consists of 6 lectures that are currently in powerpoint. I need to figure out if and how I can create the site to restricts access to the information to pay

Our WordPress shopping cart plugin will suit your needs.
It supports secured digital downloads as well so you can offer your customers the PPT files after payment.

About showing the slides and not making them downloadable...
I'm not sure how to do this but how about giving a trial with say the first chapter of first few pages free?
That would intrigue people to purchase the full presentation, wouldn't it?

Can I embed FAQs into WordPress posts/pages?


Can I use this php code and wordpress functions (ex. query_posts) into template on WordPress Mailing List?

Yes, you can use any PHP code related to WordPress in the template but there is no shortcode as yet to imbed in the post.

How I can list the last posts of my blog on body of the my newsletter. Does a command exist for that?

Currently, this feature is not available but we are working on it.

It is on the development to-do list and will be available in the next release.

I'd like to know if the mailing list plugin will work on Wordpress Mu?

Yes, the WordPress mailing list plugin works on WPMU.

Does Shopping Cart support shipping of products by weight to multiple destinations?

Yes, the WordPress shopping cart plugin supports shipping by weight and multiple destinations.
The setup/configuration is very flexible so you can tweak everything according to your needs.
Please see this screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/MTA1ZmEzN

Let me explain:
You can add multiple shipping methods, in this case UK, Europe and Rest of the World.
Then you assign pricing tiers for each of the shipping methods based on weight.

Tracking IP of newsletter subscriber

Yes. from ver 3.7 you can view the IP address by viewing the full details of the subscriber. Simply click on the email address of the subscriber in the 'Subscribers' section to view the IP address.

Mailinglist Translation - Nothing happens

Please ensure the following things...

German Example:

  1.  The .MO file is named wp-mailinglist-de_DE.mo
  2. The .MO file is uploaded to the "languages" folder of the plugin.
  3. The WPLANG constant in your wp-config.php file is set to de_DE

I am a teacher and need to sell downloadable online classes

You asked can you sell your classes online and provide secure, digital downloads only to customers whom have purchased a class?

Yes, you can provide your customers with web pages as well. Essentially, you can provide any file or URL as a digital download and attach it to a product. You can attach multiple digital downloads to a single product.

When the specified product is purchased, its downloads will be available to the customer in the downloads section. the downloads section is part of the software. When a customer is logged in, the shopping cart widget shows a "Downloads" link. It will show the downloads available to that specific customer based on the products they purchased. You can use a URL. The plugin allows either a file upload or a static URL. The URL would be the suitable choice for you.

You can see the software on at: http://tribulant.com/products/view/10/wordpress-shopping-cart-plugin

In Subscriber Form Tab Index is not working ver 3.7 (Now fixed)

UPDATE - This is has now been fixed in version 3.7.5. Please logon to you account and download the new version. 

09 -04-2010 Support


We are aware of the problem with the tabindex and we are fixing it.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

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Can I use the shopping cart with WPML (multi language)

Unfortunately it is not compatible with WPML in that sense.
You can run both plugins at the same time but WPML does not allow a multilingual shop.
We will consider this for future development. Thank you for the input.

When using it with qTranslate the subject line of the newsletter a user receives looks lie this: Subject in BGSubject in EN

We are currently investigating how we can allow compatibility with qTranslate.  Hopefully we'll have a release with this compatibility soon.

Can I get a Trial Copy?

Unfortunately we do not offer a trial version for any of our products. Please try the online demonstration. The demonstration does have some limitations though due to security reasons.  You will need to request an account on our development site where you'll be able to try all functionality including files uploads, etc. Open ticket at support specifcally asking for a demo login for the plugin you would like to test.

Mailling List plugin outputs invalid xhtml code


I'd like to know if there is a way for me to hardcode the mailling list subscribe form on my WordPress template, instead of using the Widget. The Widget outputs invalid xhtml code because the id's of the elements start with numbers, thus making it invalid code.


Please see the documentation

That should provide you with all the information you need.

Are these fuctions available?

Looking at purchasing the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin, I need to know if it is capable of the functionality of the website I have sent you a screenshot of, with

  1. ordering information Details
  2. recipient details
  3. confirm details
  4.  payment
  5. finished
  6.  Is there any way to add in a custom box for a message to the recipient (to put on the gift tag of the flowers) on the shipping details page?

It is for a flower shop.


The WordPress shopping cart plugin works in a similar way.

Its step are as follows...

  1. Contacts (user registration/login)
  2. Shipping Details
  3. Billing Details
  4. Payment
  5. Finished
  6. Yes, absolutely. This feature is available!The plugin has custom fields which can be attached to individual products or they can be used globally and will be placed on the shopping cart page for the customer to fill in.
    Custom fields include text fields, textareas (you would probably use this), checkboxes, radio buttons, select drop down menus, etc.

Can I delete some part of the whois result?

Yes, you can choose whether the plugin should output full WHOIS results or only display whether the result is AVAILABLE or REGISTERED. Additionally, the plugin cleans the WHOIS output of extraneous text when it shows the result.

When adding a group, the field for keywords says it's optional, but when I leave the box empty I get an error when trying to create the form saying that I need to put keywords in.

 This is fixed it and it will be in the next release Fixed in ver 3.7.8

Plugin worked great with WP 2.8 however since I've upgraded to 2.91 it has become incredibly slow.

This has been fixed. Please download the latest version.

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'); ?>

Get the code here: http://tribulant.pastebin.com/e7sMNAb2

Of course you can use any of the shortcodes available in the plugin.

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