FAQs v1.4.5 Release Notes


WordPress FAQ plugin v1.4.5 release notes.


  • Show the question asker’s email address to the administrator.
  • The ability to tick/check WordPress post categories when specifying post for a group/question.
  • Attempt to change the sql_mode to NOT strict.
  • Specify the text to display for the read more link of excerpts.
  • Add menu=0 parameter to prevent the dropdown menu from showing.
  • Allow a question to close it’s answer again when clicking on the question a second time.
  • Setting in the Configuration to apply the_content filter.
  • “Add New” button for questions when viewing groups.
  • A configurable FAQ sidebar widget to show latest questions.
  • Custom folders inside wp-faq/views to create custom layouts/themes.


  • The “Active Question” number setting in the Configuration didn’t have an effect in Internet Explorer.
  • The list items got crowded in IE8 due to margin/padding .
  • When editing questions, the link/chain button was broken in the TinyMCE editor.
  • Some action links in the Configuration on the right-hand side are broken.
  • Global post ID was being overridden when excerpts are used for question posts.


  • Option to choose “none” for the bullet image.
  • Scripts and styles are now enqueued with WP_PLUGIN_URL instead of an absolute folder name.
  • Improve wp-config.php includes in Ajax and other files

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