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You can display a specified amount of your FAQ questions in your side bar by using the FAQs widget feature. To add and edit this widget you must navigate to Appearance > Widgets > FAQs from your admin panel. On the, “Widgets” screen, you must find the, “FAQs” widget box from the left then drag and drop it to one of the available areas on the right which represent different sections in your theme.

NOTE: The FAQs Question Widget only displays questions which have a post/page assigned to it because it requires the post/page ID to generate the link to the post/page from the sidebar.

FAQs Question Widget

Below you can see an image where I have configured the FAQs Widget to display in my Main Sidebar the FAQ questions. I have configured it to display in Descending order (last to first, highest to lowest, Z to A) and have ordered it by the Creation Date of the question. I have specified it to display 5 question in the sidebar and due to the way I have configured it I chose to call it, “Latest Questions” for the title of the widget on the front of my site.

In the FAQs widget in the screenshot above you can see a few fields:

  • Title – This is for you to specify a text title for the widget to be displayed on the front of your site. Depending on how you configure the widget you will need to call it something other than, “Latest Questions
  • Display – The drop-down list there currently has 2 available selections, one being the FAQ Questions  as seen in the screenshot, the other option is FAQ Groups (please note that when choosing FAQ Groups all subsequent fields will be hidden as they are not related)
  • Number – In this field you must specify the number of questions you wish to display in your sidebar, I specified “5” there but this is entirely up to you to choose how many questions you think you need.
  • Order & Order By – from the drop downs there you must choose the order you want to display your questions and the criteria to order them by. In the first drop down you have the choice of Ascending or Descending order. In the second drop down you can choose ID, Question, Order, Created Date or Modified Date

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