FAQs: Shortcodes

There are three parts of the WordPress FAQ plugin which you can embed into any post/page on your WordPress website.

TinyMCE Buttons/Functions

If you have the FAQ plugin installed on your site, then when adding/editing WordPress posts/pages or when adding/editing FAQ questions, you will see a small blue question mark button/icon in your TinyMCE (WYSIWYG) text editor. This button, if you hover over it, is called, “Insert FAQs,” and can be used to insert FAQ shortcodes to display whatever you choose from this button.

Click on the button, you’ll see it opens a pop-up window with 3 different tabs in it. The different sections are separated and explained in the tabs below:

In the, “Universal” tab you have the option to insert one of 4 shortcodes:

1. Groups List – this will display all the FAQ groups [faqs_groups]

2. All Questions – display a list of all your questions [faqs order="DESC" orderby="modified"]

3. Search Box – a search box will be added on the post/page you insert this shortcode into [faqs_search menu=1 group_id=X]

4. Ask Box – an ask box will be added to the post/page you insert this into [faqs_ask group_id=X]

Once you have  select the option you want, simply click the, “Insert” button on the bottom right of the pop-up window.

In the Group tab, you have a drop down list to choose from. Each group will have it’s own unique ID therefore each shortcode entered will be different.

Choose from the drop down the Group which you would like to insert into your post/page then click the, “Insert” button at the bottom right of the pop-up window.

You will now see in the TinyMCE editor you have a shortcode like [faqs_group id="x"] where x is the group ID.

In the Question Tab, there are 2 available fields. The second changes depending on the selection in the drop down for the first field.

From the drop down list, choose the group you want to insert a question from. Once you have chose a group, it’ll take a moment to load, and you can then select the question to embed from the list there.

When you find the question, click the, “Insert” button at the bottom right.

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