FAQs: Shortcodes

There are three parts of the WordPress FAQ plugin which you can embed into any post/page on your WordPress website.

TinyMCE Buttons/Functions

If you have the FAQ plugin installed on your site, then when adding/editing WordPress posts/pages or when adding/editing FAQ questions, you will see a small blue question mark button/icon in your TinyMCE (WYSIWYG) text editor. This button, if you hover over it, is called, “Insert FAQs,” and can be used to insert FAQ shortcodes to display whatever you choose from this button.

Click on the button, you’ll see it opens a pop-up window with 3 different tabs in it. The different sections are seperated and explained in the tabs below:

In the, “Universal” tab you have the option to insert one of 4 shortcodes:

1. Groups List – this will display all the FAQ groups

2. All Questions – display a list of all your questions

Displaying 1 - 20 of 166123456

Phone is required

If you are getting declined/failed orders with Authorize.net (AIM) and the plugin reports that a field is required like "Phone is required" for example.

It means that this field is configured as required in your Authorize.net account and it can be turned off. To solve this problem, log in to your Authorize.net account and go to Account > Payment Form > Form Fields where you can untick the "Required" checkboxes accordingly.

Linkpoint Error 1002

The First Data/Linkpoint/YourPay ERROR 1002 indicates that your "Order Submission Form URL" is incorrect and was incorrectly entered. See the Linkpoint Connect FAQ for more information.

The time period for this action has already elapsed

The "The time period for this action has already elapsed" error indicates that your timezone isn`t properly set under "Checkout > Configuration > Payment Methods", in this case you must please change it to "EST" or to your server time zone

Could not connect

If the First Data API extension plugin gives you the error "Could not connect" on the payment page after submitting the credit card details, it means that your server cannot connect to the First Data server via PHP CURL.

Please check with your hosting provider that you have PHP CURL enabled/activate and that it is allowed to connect to host secure.linkpt.net and host staging.linkpt.net on port 1129 over SSL (https://). Your host will be able to tell you if CURL is enabled and allowed to connect to that host/port/protocol and if not, they can open it for you.

The XML document is not well formed

When UPS gives the error message "The XML document is not well formed" it could mean one of many things but since the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin ensures that all XML tags/elements are sent through we have found in all cases that the problem lies with the UPS access key, username and password combination. Specifically special characters in the UPS password specified which breaks the XML such as ampersands (&). So please change your UPS password to something more simple (without special characters) and then try again.

Open Socket Error: Connection timed out (110)

This means that your hosting probably cannot connect to Canada Post. Please contact (email/phone) your hosting provider and ask them if your server can connect to the hostname sellonline.canadapost.ca on the port 30000. If not, they can unblock it for you accordingly. Chances are that the port is not open.

Do you have Connect 2.0?

We recently dealt with several clients who still had the older First Data Connect 1.0 account which is not compatible with the plugin because of additional authentication/security needed.

Please ensure that your First Data account is Connect 2.0. If your First Data account is still Connect 1.0 you can simply email/phone First Data and ask them to upgrade it to Connect 2.0 for you. They won't charge you for this and the change is quick.

Once you upgraded to Connect 2.0 ensure that you generate the shared secret under Administration > Connect 2.0 Setup in your First Data account and fill in the string contained in the shared secret file under Checkout > Configuration > Payment Methods > First Data Connect 2.0 in order for validation to work.

First-Class Mail shipping rate is not showing

Please note that First-Class Mail in the USPS shipping method only works with orders which has a total weight of 13oz or less. You can read about the USPS pricing, rules and restrictions for more information. If the weight of an order exceeds 13oz, the First-Class Mail rate won't show up.

It is recommended to use a production USPS account

We recommend that you sign up for a USPS web tools account and ask USPS to turn it to a live/production account. See our documentation on setting up a USPS account.

Define weight on all products

It is important that you define a weight value on all of your tangible products in the Shopping Cart plugin in order for USPS to calculate shipping rates accurately and prevent problems.

Set up your shop and products in Pounds (lb)

The Shopping Cart plugin passes both pounds (lb) and ounces (oz) through to USPS but it calculates these values from pounds (lb) only.

Be sure that you select pounds (lb) for the weight measurement under Checkout > Configuration > Tax & Shipping > Global Shipping Configuration.

Additionally, you must specify pounds (lb) values on your products.

There are 16oz in 1lb so you can calculate that accordingly. Here is a ounces to pounds converter in case you need to quickly convert values.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function update_user_meta()

WordPress changed the update_usermeta() function to update_user_meta() in WordPress 3.0. The solution to this fatal error is to upgrade WordPress to 3.0 or higher. Shares

How does scheduling work? Do I have to leave WordPress open?

The email scheduling feature in the WordPress Newsletters plugin processes a set number of emails from the email queue at a set interval, periodically. You don't have to leave WordPress open, the cron will automatically fire at its set interval. It works with the internal WordPress cron scheduling and requires at least a few visitors on your website a day to keep track of its schedules and time. Hits from visitors are used to manage the cron.

Is it all ok in the latest Wordpress, and when we update wordpress in the future?

It currently works in the latest version of WordPress 2.9.2.
We always try to cater for upcoming releases of WordPress by testing and developing on beta/RC releases.
Sometimes a WordPress update is released before we can release a plugin update but we provide it shortly after.
Always hold back on WordPress upgrades until we have posted a notification on our blog that it is safe.

Used a plug-in editor but still no editor.Even with no editor I tried to insert an image into the newsletter and got an error why?

The reason why the editor is not showing up is most likely due to a plugin conflict.
Even though you deactivated them all, there would still be Javascript cache in the dashboard.

Do you have the cForms plugin installed?
Here is a suggestion...

Try that TinyMCE advanced plugin for WordPress.
It adds functionality to the current WordPress TinyMCE editor.

Can I put the subscribe box somewhere other than in the sidebar. Is there a shortcode I can use to put any subscription form for any newsletter wherever I want?

Yes, there are several ways of embedding the form on your site.
See this: http://docs.tribulant.com/wordpress-mailing-list-plugin/96
Click on the 'Subscription Form' tab to see the different methods.

I am not able to save a question and get an error

Are you sure that you are selecting a group from the drop down menu?

I am unable to insert a image into a newsletter template or under send newsletter. It says I do not have permission.

This is a problem on 2.9.1 with version 3.7 of the Mailing list and a bug fix will be realeased shortly. This has now been fixed please download the current version of Mailing list.

PayPal Button in Template won't work

The plugin doesn't support the embedding of just a "buy now" button. You have to create a product in order to sell something. It does have a "Buy Now" mode which shortens the checkout process by eliminating the shopping basket.

Plugin worked great with WP 2.8 however since I've upgraded to 2.91 it has become incredibly slow.

This has been fixed. Please download the latest version.

Displaying 1 - 20 of 166123456

3. Search Box – a search box will be added on the post/page you insert this shortcode into

Search the FAQs

Use the form below to search the FAQs


4. Ask Box – an ask box will be added to the post/page you insert this into

Once you have  select the option you want, simply click the, “Insert” button on the bottom right of the pop-up window.

In the Group tab, you have a drop down list to choose from. Each group will have it’s own unique ID therefore each shortcode entered will be different.

Choose from the drop down the Group which you would like to insert into your post/page then click the, “Insert” button at the bottom right of the pop-up window.

You will now see in the TinyMCE editor you have a shortcode like where x is the group ID.

In the Question Tab, there are 2 available fields. The second changes depending on the selection in the drop down for the first field.

From the drop down list, choose the group you want to insert a question from. Once you have chose a group, it’ll take a moment to load, and you can then select the question to embed from the list there.

When you find the question, click the, “Insert” button at the bottom right.

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