WordPress FAQ Plugin v1.2 Release Notes


WordPress FAQ plugin v1.2 Release Notes

  • WordPress 2.7.X Integration
  • jQuery Integration
  • Sidebar widget(s).
  • Embed groups list into any post/page. (docs)
  • Order/sort FAQ groups. (docs)
  • Order/sort FAQ questions. (docs)
  • Admin action links on front-end (Edit & Delete).
  • Turn on/off JS accordion sliding feature.
  • Localization/internationalization (Language Translation).
  • Show/hide groups dropdown menu in search form (per Group).
  • Auto WordPress post/page creation for groups.
  • Groups keywords/tags.
  • Record counts in all sections.
  • Per page & pagination features in all sections.
  • WordPress shortcode API implementation. (docs)
  • Improved redirections upon mass actions.
  • TinyMCE editor integration (no FCKEditor anymore).

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