FAQ plugin v1.5 release notes


WordPress FAQ plugin v1.5 release notes.


  • Two new premade themes to choose from
  • Debugging setting under Configuration to turn On/Off
  • Check/optimize database link under Configuration
  • Log the source of a question asked
  • Export questions/answers to a CSV file
  • Custom fields for ask forms
  • Comment status setting on questions posts/pages
  • Child theme folder support
  • Help tooltips throughout the plugin
  • Sortable columns in all admin sections
  • Custom post types for groups and questions
  • WordPress 3.8+ compatibility & design
  • WordPress roles API permission settings for sections
  • Automatic WordPress updates/upgrades


  • New TinyMCE button dashicons icon
  • Pre-fill ask form email address when a user is logged in
  • Remove load_textdomain
  • Textarea field for the question in admin
  • New design for drag/drop sections
  • Move “Permission to Ask” setting to “Ask Questions Settings” box
  • Unified debugging setting enhancement
  • Move FAQs menu up to objects
  • New menu icon using Dashicons


  • FAQs menu not opening on certain sections
  • Custom CSS code not working
  • Language strings not loaded for rendered files
  • Question label on saving
  • Spacing below editor when saving a question/answer
  • Show dashboard widget only to users with access to FAQs > Overview
  • Ajax search database error
  • Without accordion, multiple groups on a page jump questions
  • Questions are duplicating when saving the question

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