FAQ plugin v1.5.2 release notes


WordPress FAQ plugin v1.5.2 release notes.


  • “Go to section” drop down in configuration to jump quickly
  • “Search results for…” phrase with “Clear search” link
  • WordPress Object Cache API for performance


  • Change deprecated call_user_method() to call_user_func()
  • Change [wpfaq…] shortcodes to [faqs_…]
  • Dashicons for help tooltips
  • PHP eregi() deprecated warnings


  • TinyMCE editor button/icon not inserting shortcode
  • TinyMCE button has no icon since WordPress 3.9
  • Emptying search shows now results
  • Roles in configuration overlapping container
  • Searching “the entire FAQ” returns no results, database error
  • Questions widget order/orderby settings not saving
  • “1” character outputting at the end of the questions loop

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